My First Day Back at Anubanwangsaipoon in… a while! ( I haven’t had classes here for 11 days.)


Some of the Girls from Grade 4.

Today was my first day of teaching at Anubanwangsaipoon since last Thursday. Somehow without actually taking any holiday I haven’t taught a class here for 11 days, which seems rather ludicrous really. At least I can reconcile it by remembering that I was at Sukothai Technical College all of last week doing something or another either in the staffroom or helping teach classes with some of the other teachers.


Lunch Time Antics.

I had classes four classes today so four hours of solo teaching, except my 2.30-3.30pm class began at 2.55pm when the students finally turned up. For the first time ever I tried playing buzz with them and to begin with it was rather infuriating as they all got everything wrong and couldn’t get past two… but when they understood it was actually really fun.

I forgot to mention that in Phitsanulok I had purchased two black contact lenses and this morning felt rather in the mood to try them out. After breaking the lid of the first one rendering it un-openable I moved onto the second and proceeded to put it in. I was sure that this would be a surprise for my students and rather fancied seeing looks of shock as they walked into the room and realise my eyes were different colours.


Never Again.


Some of the little laddies.

Lunch was delicious: vegetable fried rice (and lots of it). I was pleased to be back amongst the teachers and especially so when they started taking the mick out of me for my uniform, admittedly playfully, suggesting that my shirt made me look like a grandmother. I feel accepted when they talk to me, even when they say things like this!


The Lunch Time Crew.

One thing that struck me as peculiar at school today was the haircuts that many of the high school boys were supporting. It consisted of fairly thick black hair with large shave marks round the sides. Hair regulation seems to be quite a big thing here and I imagine that one of the teachers, to make the point that their haircuts were unacceptable, just grabbed a pair of electric hair clippers (more like a sheerer) and whacked rather uneven and unattractive hunks out… a clear encouragement for them to get the rest shaved off too. I managed to get a couple of vague pictures, but the boys were a bit embarrassed and not proud of their new hairstyles.


The New Haircuts… I must say the heaped piles of black hair in front of the school were a little disconcerting.

In the afternoon Nick arrived and we had leftovers from lunch before heading to the staffroom to start preparing for English camp tomorrow. We came up with a power point presentation with various nursery rhymes, games such as ‘What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?’ and ‘Stick in the Mud’ as well as ‘Body Part to the Floor’. The activities are going to take place in the large hall outside, rather than in my classroom so much preparation is required, there will literally be hundreds of students.

Teacher Tim had invited us along with some of the other teachers out for dinner in Phichit which I was definitely keen on. However, by not realizing that there was no signal in the staffroom we missed out on that opportunity. A dragon fruit, some French toast and some peanut biscuits had to do the job. At around 11.30pm it transpired that doing the English Camp tomorrow is too soon, despite our initial agreement, so it will have to wait until Wednesday. I rather hope it goes well.


This took a surprisingly long time.

Excuse the short entry, I thought I’d try it out but not sure it works for me… please comment with your opinions. I personally think this may be a little stark and misses out a lot of the humour and little details of the day that make it special.


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