Lost in Bangkok… in the rain storm (and the dark!)

I feel really homesick just now, for the first time since I arrived here. I thought that tonight was going to be great. I was going to go to dinner with all of the other ETAs and have a really nice time and afterwards meet up with another friend from the hostel on Khao San Road. Neither of those things happened…

Instead I had to get passport photos straight after the session today (and hence not get to hang out with anyone). Getting them taken was fun; I went with three Thai people who are working here for the event. Afterwards I went to the internet café to have a chat with mummy and then started heading back to the photo shop only to realise that I had no idea where it actually was in relation to where I was, and that I couldn’t’ even find my way to the right exit. I finally, somehow, after lots of frustration, managed to make it onto the street where we came in. By this point torrential rain filled the streets, and people lined the edges, which fostered some kind of protection. I was drenched within less than a minute and shocked by how dark it was already; it was way before 8pm.

The streets all looked the same and quickly my map was drenched and I knew that the place I was looking for was within the bit that said Siam Square, but it was far too wide to be able to tell where to go. I was running around barefooted and dripping searching for this photo shop, which seemed impossible to find. It was impossible; I couldn’t find it in time. This realisation sparked more panic as it had consequences- without the photos I wouldn’t be able to get a passport or a visa, which would mess things up further than they already have been.

This meant backtracking to MBK and frantically searching for a shop where I could get new photographs. I looked significantly less appealing in the second set of photos, and the staff (this time) hadn’t been kind enough to Photoshop away the imperfections so in my passport picture I will appear with large dark bags under my eyes from crying and some kind of a drowned rat look. At least there is a story in it somewhere.


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