The day has come… leaving London!

I’m currently sitting on a busy plane at Heathrow, which is going to Dusseldorf. Outside it is extremely hot and sunny. This morning I had to say goodbye to some of my friends. Josh and Andrew came at 10am for a fry up (before which I was packing frantically). They brought cranberry juice, one egg and some pre-cooked sausages as well as a piece of home made carrot cake that I will eat in a minute. We sat on the wall outside the front of the flat together; Lucas, Hanan and Ed joined us too. It was a wonderful send off.

I have somehow, in less than two weeks, managed to acquire a passport, a visa, health and baggage insurance, a CRB check, an ID check from the post office along with a few clothes… while at the same time completing the Project Trust internship. On Monday I was on public transport for about 10 hours due to a school talk at Sheringham High School in Norfolk. One little addition- I watched Wimbledon at Canada Square Park with Bryony, Andrew, Josh, Liam and a couple of their friends. Afterwards we went to Josh and Andrew’s for a BBQ which ended up being one of the best parties/ gatherings that I have ever been to.

Anyway, I’m feeling quite calm now but earlier I was panicking a bit. I’m looking forward to meeting and working with the children and scared of getting lonely and about Thai language- it looks almost impossible. I was semi tempted to turn back, but no, that is not an option. I cannot waste this opportunity.

We are just about to take off, so the next time I write I will either be in Dusseldorf, Abu Dhabi or Bangkok!


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